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"Vail Health is diving into the science of saunas and cold plunges to treat depression"

June 22, 2024

Photo Courtesy of Dominique Taylor, Vail Health

The Vail Health Behavioral Health Innovation Center has begun enrolling patients into its CHILL’D study, which will study the effects of sauna, using the Clearlight Curve™ Far Infrared Sauna Dome, and cold plunge therapies on depression. The CHILL’D study at Vail Health will expound on past research in hyperthermia and depression — including research done by Raison and Dr. Ashley Mason, who is a clinical psychologist at UC San Francisco, and who is a collaborator on the study.

Read more about our other studies battling depression here.

"How a World Champion Fencer is Preparing for the Paris Games"

June 3, 2024

InsideHook featured Clearlight Ambassador Miles Chamley-Watson—World Champion Fencer and part of the four-man foil team that will represent the United States at the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris.

InsideHook:  “Given how rough the sport can be on the body, what modes of recovery have you found success with over the years?”

Miles Chamley-Watson:  “I put a Clearlight infrared sauna on my roof and I’m using that literally every day. I know people live by the cold plunge, but I hate it so much. I’m not jumping in there. Sauna is where it’s at for me. I’ll take the heat every day. My coach is Ukrainian so we go to the Russian baths every week. I love to roast. I’ll do a little stretch in there as well. You sleep so well after a good sauna…”

"Are Cold Plunges and Saunas Safe for Kids?"

May 4, 2024

Photo Courtesy of Kevin MacDonald

Clearlight customer Kevin MacDonald and his family were featured in the following Fortune article.  MacDonald and his family have a Clearlight Outdoor 5 Full Spectrum Sauna 5 Person Infrared Sauna.

"The 8 Best Home Saunas of 2024, According to Research and Testing"

May 6, 2024

“For starters, the sauna boasts gorgeous craftsmanship paired with a glass skylight ceiling, a thick glass door, and double-pane windows. It also features a Bluetooth sound system that can be controlled by your phone or smart device, as well as a built-in charging station for your phone or tablet.

In terms of comfort, you’ll appreciate the built-in backrest, as well as the reversible bench that’s flat on one side and ergonomic on the other. There’s even a space built into the door handles to set your tablet, so you won’t have to hold it the whole time you’re in the sauna.”

"Take a Tour of the Las Vegas Acesʻ New Home"

May 4, 2023

Photo Courtesy of the Las Vegas Aces

“Players can receive treatment on sore spots and injuries on the therapy tables, hop in the cryotherapy chamber, take a moment (or two) in the infrared sauna, and grab a snack from the nutrition bar.”

"Picking the Right Infrared Sauna for Your Home"

July 29, 2021

“I do an infrared sauna as often as I can,” she says. “I walk out feeling so much more relaxed—and glowy, too.” 



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Founded by a Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Raleigh Duncan, Clearlight is the industry leader in infrared sauna and pioneer in innovative health and wellness solutions for more than 25 years. Clearlight was the first company to develop Carbon/Ceramic infrared heaters capable of delivering a deeper, more penetrating infrared wavelength, while also offering the lowest EMF (electromagnetic fields) and ELF (extremely low frequency) available on the market. Dr. Duncan is widely considered one of the early pioneers in infrared sauna technologies and has patents/patents-pending for much of the technology Clearlight uses. The Berkeley, CA-based company offers best-in-class wellness products for home and business use including: Infrared Saunas, Sanctuary Full Spectrum Saunas, Outdoor Saunas, Premier Infrared Saunas, FDA approved Red Light Therapy—The PERSONAL Tower and The CORE Tower; HALO ONE Salt Therapy, AROMA ONE Aromatherapy Diffuser, The Curve Sauna Dome, Amethyst Infrared PEMF Mat, and Custom Sauna Heater Kits (Build Your Own Sauna). For every sauna purchase, Clearlight plants two trees with The National Forest Foundation’s Sapling Program. To learn more and/or enhance your existing Clearlight sauna experience, visit and; and follow on FacebookInstagramLinkedInTikTok and YouTube

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